The emergence and growth of the electric vehicle industry presents an opportunity: reduce our greenhouse gas footprint, grow America’s manufacturing industry, and create safe, high-quality jobs for working people.  We must make sure the growth of the electric vehicle industry is done in a fair and responsible way and protect the safety and livelihood the people whose labor will make the coming boom in domestic electric vehicle manufacturing possible.

In Oregon, we have an opportunity to make sure that the growth of the electric vehicle industry is done right. We believe that green jobs should be good jobs that lift people up – and that means making sure that taxpayer-funded consumer rebates for electric vehicles are only paid to companies that treat their workers fairly and responsibly.

While manufacturing jobs have historically provided the basis for middle-class jobs, current practices in some EV companies are concerning, and can even be deadly. The transition to a clean energy future should not come at the expense of workers laboring to make this future possible.  

Jobs in the green economy and clean transportation should pay family-sustaining wages, maintain safe working conditions, and respect workers’ rights. Oregon’s public dollars should be used to ensure:

  • Jobs in the green economy create opportunities for economic mobility and skills development;
  • Safeguards and standards are in place to prevent workplace injuries; and,
  • Workers manufacturing electric vehicles are able to exercise their rights without fear of retaliation.



It’s time to call for fair and responsible standards for electric vehicle rebates.